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What to Expect

The Chiropractic Wellness Connection Experience

New Patient Forms

Please download, print, and complete the forms below that apply to you, so you can bring them with you to your first visit:

New Patient Intake Form

Our Vision & Ideal Patient

Auto Accident Intake Form

Free AdobeReader®

Each form is a PDF file. If you don’t have AdobeReader® installed on your computer, you can easily download it for free.

Our friendly, compassionate team welcomes you to begin a new chapter of health in your life. A chapter that means you are living an even greater life than you may have thought possible We’ll explain what to expect as far as cost and a time frame of healing so there are no surprises. Our care is tailored to each individual from those 3 days old to patients in their nineties. We’ll use the technique(s) that are best for you and that you’re comfortable with.

Your First Visit

Once you arrive and fill out paperwork, we’ll show you around the office for a tour. Then, we’ll sit down together for a consultation to talk about your health and lifestyle. Next is a thorough examination including the following aspects of your health:

  • Structural: Bilateral Weight Scales, physical, X-rays, thermal scan
  • Chemical: Body Impedance Analysis (BIA) or pH testing on your tongue
  • Emotional: Acugraph, food sensitivity testing or neurotransmitter testing

These tests give us a baseline for future tests and also help measure your progress over time.

What to expect at The Chiropractic Wellness Connection in O`Fallon

You can expect gentle, tailored care at The Chiropractic Wellness Connection in O`Fallon

Your Second Visit

We’ll sit down with you and explain what we found through a report of findings. Based on the report, we’ll show you the areas of your health we think can be improved. We’ll share our recommendations of how you can reach your goals. If you decide you’d like to receive care, we’ll adjust you on this visit. Expect the first couple of visits to last 30-45 minutes. After the first two visits, you won’t have to sit in the waiting room again.

Regular Care for Wellness

What we do is make our recommendations to get you well. If you decide to continue care, we’d love to help you maintain a healthy life. We’ll keep regular visits to our office brief, usually lasting about 10-15 minutes.

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