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Chiropractic Care For An Optimal Pregnancy & Labor


     What woman wouldn’t want to feel better throughout her pregnancy and have the possibility of a faster and easier delivery?  It is possible.  I meet with expectant mothers every week and once I explain how chiropractic care aligns the pelvis and spine which directly impacts comfort levels throughout pregnancy, baby’s positioning and the ease of labor; I often hear “why didn’t I know about this sooner?”.  

    Read more to find out what the 5 cardinal signs that lead to pelvic imbalances and malpositioning are.

Eczema Helped With Chiropractic Care


Latonya, mother of 5 year old Robert tells their story of how chiropractic care at The Chiropractic Wellness Connection helped his body heal. 

     Robert’s eczema that he has had since he was a baby cleared up after only 2 weeks of care and he can now go outside without severe allergy reactions for the first time in his life!

Chiropractic Care Prevents Injury

Several recent studies document that chiropractic care is beneficial for helping to prevent reoccurrence of lower back problems while also helping to sustain long term correction. It is interesting to note that these studies were medical studies published in medical journals.
The most recent article comes from the April, 2011, issue of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. This study followed 894 workers’ compensation cases for a period of one year to see the response to chiropractic care as compared to other forms of care.

Chiropractic Care & Natural Headache Relief


Our practice member Christie tells her story of how chiropractic care not only relieved her headaches of over 20 years but gave her her life back!

One of the most common ailments in modern society, more than 42 million Americans suffers from headaches each year. Usually these are stress or tension related headaches, and in some people are more severe migraine headaches.

Start the Year off Healthy!

The key to creating great helath year in and year out is you must have a clear plan of action.