Chiropractic Care For An Optimal Pregnancy & Labor


     What woman wouldn’t want to feel better throughout her pregnancy and have the possibility of a faster and easier delivery?  It is possible.  I meet with expectant mothers every week and once I explain how chiropractic care aligns the pelvis and spine which directly impacts comfort levels throughout pregnancy, baby’s positioning and the ease of labor; I often hear “why didn’t I know about this sooner?”.  

    Read more to find out what the 5 cardinal signs that lead to pelvic imbalances and malpositioning are.      Back pain, sciatica and headaches are often common reasons expectant mothers seek chiropractic care.  But, women seeking chiropractic care for the benefits of optimal pelvic alignment, optimal fetal positioning and an easier, safer birth is on the rise.  Many women are doing their own research and seeking out The Webster Technique (a specific chiropractic technique for pregnant women).   So why miss out??  Here is the skinny on what the Webster Technique is and how it can greatly benefit you and baby.

    Because of poor posture, past injuries, repetitive stress (emotional or physical) the pelvis and spine can get out of alignment.  When this happens to an expectant mother not only do her joints, muscles and nerves have more stress on them but the amount of tension on the uterus is directly impacted.  How?  The ligaments of the uterus attach directly into the pelvis.

   So as I tell the story to expectant mothers; imagine if the pelvis misaligns and pulls asymmetrically on the uterus.  Now you have just compromised baby’s home and the space he or she has.  This then can result in a less than optimal head down and centered fetal positioning. 

    Ultimate prevention and the solution for malpositioning and the physical discomforts associated with pregnancy is chiropractic care and The Webster Technique.  The Webster Technique works to rebalance the pelvis and round ligaments of the uterus to reduce or eliminate pelvic misalignments and round ligament tension.  The result??  See current research at  This site also has a directory of Webster certified practitioners in your area.

     Here are the 5 cardinal signs that indicate the need for a chiropractic evaluation

1.  Current or previous lower back pain and/or sciatica

2.  Current malpositioning (breech, transverse) of baby or malpositioning of baby during previous pregnancy

3.  One of your hips is higher than the other

4.  Hip/Pelvic pain with daily activities (walking, getting out of bed, light physical activity)

5.  Chronic pain in your groin area or round ligaments

This article was written by:

Dr. Whitney


  1. I completely agree with the fast and easy delivery after doing chiro prenatal care. I had a completely natural hospital birth with no desire for an epidural throughout. I had about 26 hours of labor total, with only 6 hours of hard labor. I was able to sleep through a lot of my early labor. I whole heartedly believe every pregnant mother should have regular adjustments! I am such a wimp and I gave birth tear free… I laughed and joked between contractions… even through the transitional phase!

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